Real Estate Tip of the Week: Connect with Your Clients

As an agent, you know it’s key to maintain a good rapport with your clients. In order for a successful transaction, you need a smooth one.

First, you’ll want to explain every single step of the process. Your clients likely don’t understand the procedures – be as clear and open as you can with your clients so they know what to expect and they feel as equally as important in the transaction as they should.

Second, be as organized as possible. There are many moving pieces to a real estate transaction! Many of these steps are documents that need to be pulled and organized for different steps of the closing. Talk with your client and be sure they have all of the documents they need for a smooth and efficient transaction. Being organized will prevent any unfortunate issues from arising.

Last but not least, list the many different ways you can be reached. Clients want to know they can contact you with any questions or concerns they might have. Email, call, text – even social media outlets like messaging on Instagram or Facebook are great ideas! Each client is different and will want their own way of communicating with you. Be sure you explain those different outlets of communicating.

Having a strong and established connection with your clients will greatly help in the process of the transaction!

Looking for more real estate tips and guides? Stop by Kittitas Title’s blog.

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