Real Estate Tip of the Week: Collecting Client Reviews

As many real estate agent’s know, implementing a review for each transaction you close is not only critical – but difficult.

Sometimes clients forget or just simply don’t submit reviews.

For the real estate industry, reviews are a great way to separate yourself from the pack. With 78% of people trusting online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations, it’s essential to step up your review game and show potential clients why you’re the real estate agent to pick.

Here are some simple tips to help establish a better review platform for your brand:

Establish Your Importance

When you start working with a new client, tell them what you plan on providing for them – essentially, an outstanding and smooth experience to help them achieve their real estate goals. Point out that you plan to earn their review throughout the transaction.

Wait Until the Transaction Is Completed

While you have already mentioned reviews – you haven’t technically asked them to write one yet. Wait until your business has been completed with your client before officially asking for a review.

Using key words and phrases when you ask for their feedback, i.e., “It would be helpful to me if you write a review about me on [this site] and/or [this site],” stresses the need for feedback, but not in a forceful manner. And of course – everyone wants to be helpful.  

Send an Email After Closing

After the transaction has been completed and you’ve mentioned a review in person, give your client a week or two before reaching out to them through email (if they haven’t submitted a review during that time). Moving can be a chaotic time, so giving them a moment to settle in is considerate.

Be genuine and sincere in asking how they’re settling in – then remind them about a review. Send a direct link to the page(s) you’d like them to leave a review on.

You might even think about including links to review pages within your email signature line. A quick “Happy with my service? Leave me a review on [site]” will remind clients about reviews and can directly take them to the site to complete.

Bonus Tip: Acknowledge Their Review

While you should always respond to a review – especially if there are negative ones – the client might feel a little more special if you go above and beyond to send a thank you card for their review. These might help with your future referral network!

For more real estate tips, stop by Kittitas Title’s Blog.

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