3 simple marketing tips for 2022 you can implement right now

The best part about marketing in today’s world is that any time is a good time start fresh. 

That’s why we wanted to share a recent article from ReminderMedia on how to plan your real estate marketing for 2022.

There are lots of great insights shared, but here are three simple tips you can start implementing right now to start the new year off right.

Update your headshot

If your headshot is more than five years old… it’s time. While it may seem trivial, a great headshot allows you to show your personality and convey your local market expertise. Consider a more casual and fun tone and look for a recognizable landmark in your area to send the message that you are very much a part of the community.

Share your knowledge and become a go-to-resource

Creating and sharing value-packed content with your clients and leads positions you as an expert and trusted partner for all their buying or selling needs. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start distributing your knowledge of the real estate business and your local market through a blog, regular marketing email, or even a podcast.  Just start small and pick a pace that allows you to be consistent. You don’t need to do something every day, or even every week, but it’s important to have a regular presence.

Be more social on your social media

Social media has likely been a big part of your overall strategy, but if you are only using it for the sake of “contact me today” or “look at what I did” type posts, it’s time to strike a  more personal tone. The goal for social media should be engagement and top-of-mind awareness. Asking people what type of décor they would choose for a living room or the type of flooring they like for a home office can be conversation starters that keep people coming back to your page again and again.

While these tips are only scratching the surface of what’s possible, we hope they provide some quick wins that can help you achieve all your New Year’s marketing resolutions.

For more real estate news, stop by Kittitas Title’s Blog.

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