3 Steps to your YouTube channel

The internet is an endless goldmine of opportunities for real estate professionals to market themselves. We’re not telling you something new, but how do you know which platform is best for your real estate business?

The answer is… all of them! Diversity is key when it comes to utilizing the internet for marketing your business. The more people that you can reach, the better results you’ll see. You’re likely doing an awesome job, but there could be one avenue you’re forgetting: your very own YouTube channel. We’ve talked about the importance of video multiple times, but where should all those videos go? You guessed it, YouTube!

You know what it is. YouTube is a free video-sharing website that millions of people use every day. From personal videos to business marketing videos, there is an endless stream of content constantly added to YouTube. It’s easy to waste away hours just scrolling through and watching videos on the platform.

If you’re going to start posting videos on YouTube make sure you set up your own page and make your information clear at all times for people to reach out to you.

Here is a list of steps to get you started:

  • Set up a YouTube channel. This requires you create a name for your channel, write a short about-me blurb and post a profile picture (which can either be your headshot or logo). You can even set up a trailer video for your channel to give an overview of who you are and what you’ll be posting. You can easily do all of this with a Google account.
  • Start posting videos. Make some videos with relevant content that potential clients will want to watch. This is the most important step because if your videos are boring or irrelevant, you’ll only be hurting yourself.
  • Engage with your audience. Always respond to any comments that you get. Make sure your responses are informative; if you offer value to people for free online they are much more likely to reach out to you when they need a real estate professional. Also, be sure to let your friends and followers know you have a new channel on social media and via email.

There’s a reason so many videos are being uploaded to YouTube every day; it works. The results have been proven; if you have something that people are willing to watch, you’ll be seen. 

We know how engaging and fun our real estate partners are around our closing table. Now it’s time to share it with the world. Let us know when you create your channel. We’d love to be among your first subscribers.

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