3 Tips to Becoming a Local Expert!

We often use this space to share marketing tips to help build your reputation online, but today our team wanted to focus on something else. We know we work with some of the best local professionals in our markets, but how do you showcase that expertise?

Why is proving you’re the community partner people want to work with so important? Buyers and sellers are more comfortable working with someone who knows the ins and outs of the area they are looking to move to, and it’s something that can help you stand out – no matter how the market is. 

Local experts know which neighborhoods are family-friendly and if there are good schools in the area. They know which houses are selling fast and why. Working with a real estate professional who’s a local expert puts the buyer or seller in the best position possible to close a deal that’s best for them, and fast.

Even if you checked off those boxes, the job is not done. Knowing everything there is to know about your local area is only half the battle, though.  Now, you need to show everyone you are the local expert they want to work with. Here are a few tips on how to solidify your position as a local expert in your area.

  • Post local content on social media. The most important marketing tool available to any real estate professional is social media. This is the perfect place to show your local knowledge. You should frequently post about businesses and events in your local area. Be sure to link to their websites too. 
  • Volunteer at local events. It’s best to show up to every local event that you can, but it will be even more impactful if you are volunteering your time to help out at these events. This can be any event at all, whether for a school or sports club or your local town. We know you love your community, but others should, too!  
  • Spend time in the area. It’s one thing to claim you are a local expert and to even have knowledge of the area. It’s another thing to be the real estate agent that’s at the coffee shop every morning and out at local restaurants and bars and takes their kids to all the local parks or the library. This solidifies your position as a local expert and keeps you at the top of everyone’s mind when real estate comes up.

Keep walking the walk of being a local leader, and the business will keep following. The more involved you are, the more people will remember you.

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