Selling? Four things pet owners need to do.

If you’re a pet owner getting ready to sell your home, there are some things to consider. Of course, you want to get the highest offer possible in the shortest amount of time. For this reason, you’ll need to minimize the signs of your pets.

It can seem like an unnecessary precaution considering most buyers are also pet owners. However, buyers like to envision themselves in your home with their pets, not yours. It is the same concept as decluttering and removing personal items, such as family photos, before the listing shoot or actual showings.

So, as you are preparing to list your home, consider these four things:

  1. Deep clean. This step is necessary – pet owner or not – but it’s undoubtedly a more labor-intensive task if you have animals. Make sure there is no scent of your pet or hair on any surface.
  2. Repair pet damage. Pets can be destructive, especially in the puppy or kitten stages. Cats and dogs can take to scratching/biting anything from flooring to walls, doors and trim. While this is all part of owning a pet, a new owner doesn’t want to buy a house with existing pet damage. 
  3. Take pets out of the house during showings or open houses. Once the house is clean and damage-free, the next step is to give the buyers space to look at the home without distractions. If you cannot take your pet out for the time that the house is being shown, consider hiring someone to do it for you or bring them to daycare for the whole day. REALTORS®, this is also a great way to convince your sellers they should leave during a showing.
  4. Remove pet supplies and toys. A little inconvenient? Yes. However, it will make a big difference for potential buyers – we’re also talking about doing this for the photos! We mean everything including toys, crates and food.

Pets are a significant part of many people’s lives. We’ve talked before about how much a pet’s needs can go into the decision to buy a home. However, even the biggest animal lovers in the world likely don’t want to be reminded of YOUR animals when deciding on the next home for themselves and their own pets.

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