Keep up the wire fraud fight this holiday season

This time of year is always full of joy, goodwill and lots of activity. While we’d love for this message to be only full of Thanksgiving gratitude and Christmas cheer, it’s not. During the rush to get things done, don’t let your guard down regarding the dangers of wire fraud.

We know it’s a message we’ve preached all year long, but we must continue working hard to keep our customers safe. One thing is sure: criminals are always evolving and will continue to get more innovative in the new year. 

It’s more than just our transactions that are being targeted. Email scams have been around for decades, and there are pitfalls everywhere. Cybercriminals are going after Zoom meetings now, which prompted this warning from NAR, and not even the holidays are sacred.

The good news is that the tips that keep our customers secure will also help combat other scams. Here are just a few.

  • Be suspicious of any deals or promises that seem “too good to be true.”
  • Don’t click any suspicious links or attachments in emails, on websites, or via text.
  • Be especially concerned if you get an unsolicited email or text message demanding that you update your password or account information.

Our promise to you is that our teams will continue to do everything we can to keep our customers secure, but it’s vital that we’re all still talking about the dangers of wire fraud. What can you do besides being aware? Using multi-factor authentication for all of your accounts and changing email passwords often are great places to start.

Furthermore, if you’re ever suspicious of something related to your transactions this year or next, give us a call. We always love talking to you.

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