3 ways to make sure you’re ready to finish the year strong

Let’s just say it. December is among the most stressful months of the year. The holidays are filled with love and cheer, but we’re always trying to find a way to cram in one more fun activity or business task before the year flips over. 

That’s why we love this nice list from our friends at the National Association of REALTORS® about reducing stress this time of year. Much of it has to do with planning for next year. While that’s obviously important, we thought that was more stress-inducing than relieving right now. Plus, we’d rather focus on how to end 2022 with a bang.

Continue to take care of yourself. When obligations pick up, a lot of us sacrifice the time normally reserved for ourselves. Let’s make this month different. In fact, sticking to your normal exercise routine or getting the right amount of sleep will ensure you’re at your best. This will give you the fuel needed to attack those personal and professional to-do lists to the best of your ability.    

Take time off if you need – but also prepare a backup. This is more of an evergreen tip that’s fit for any season. If you have a pre-planned vacation or just need a day to take care of some tasks outside of the office – do it. There should be no holiday guilt attached, but it’s important to make sure there’s a solid plan in place to still be able to get things done for your clients. We’re including this here because if you don’t have a good backup plan in place now, you should definitely implement one in 2023 – not just for you but for everyone on your team, too!

Experiment with holiday-inspired new marketing tactics. Here’s one for when you’re in the office. Catch the Christmas spirit and use the season as a reason to try something different on social media and other marketing avenues. Share your favorite holiday recipe, quote your favorite Christmas movie or even talk about the most famous houses of them all. If you want to stick to local real estate, record a video and tell your audience where the best light displays and most unique decorations are in your community. These are all ways to show a bit of personality digitally, which potential customers may remember all year long.

When you work with our teams, it’s always our mission to take the stress out of closing your transaction. Thank you to everyone who has trusted us to deliver for you this year! 

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