Looking for a new book? Here are 5 suggestions for anyone in real estate.

Let’s be honest. The phrase “hit the books” feels different once you’re in the workforce. But since it is back-to-school time for many of the communities we serve, our teams thought it would be a perfect time to talk about a few real estate-related titles that can help all of us navigate the pitfalls and opportunities of the current market. 

We used these two recent reading lists (here and here) to help compile our own collection of five books with plenty of lessons ready to be discovered. 

SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times. It’s a title that perfectly fits everything 2023 has thrown at us. Learn how to thrive when faced with change using this guide written by Gary Keller. The takeaway? Adaptation can be your ally as you navigate through transitions and make strategic moves to secure your success.

Your First Year in Real Estate. This book by Dirk Zeller is geared toward new agents, obviously, but it can be a good read for anyone. It covers industry tips, tricks, secrets and common mishaps encountered during the first year on the job. Plus, it offers actionable strategies, goal-setting techniques and more. One piece of advice we’d add: If you’re a newbie looking for a title company ready to guide you and your clients when it comes to professional title and escrow services, we’d love to work with you.

Never Split the Difference. All of us in real estate consider ourselves good communicators and negotiators, but this book’s author is a former hostage negotiator for the FBI. Luckily for us, this book is full of Chris Voss’ expertise and lessons and can teach us how to be better at both. 

The Law of Success: Napoleon Hill’s Writings on Personal Achievement, Wealth and Lasting Success. This is the true throwback on the list. First published in 1928, this timeless classic is still relevant thanks to its “Science of Success” philosophy. The book unpacks 15 steps to success and provides insights that are as applicable today as they were almost a century ago. Its author also wrote another book on many of these lists called “Think and Grow Rich.” Both are recommended reads. 

Keep Calm … It’s Just Real Estate: Your No-Stress Guide to Buying a Home. This suggestion is one of many you can pass on to your buyers, especially if they are first-timers. Written by HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod from the show “Property Virgins,” this book is full of advice, stories and humor that will hopefully put even the most stressed-out buyer at ease. 

Books – new and old – can provide the perfect mixture of education and entertainment. Whether you’re an avid reader or need to get back into the swing of things, we hope you’ve already added at least one of these great suggestions to your reading list. Do you have a book you can’t put down right now? We want to hear about it – even if it’s unrelated to real estate – next time you’re around our closing table! 

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