3 lessons “Bluey” can teach us all about real estate

What can the animated children’s show “Bluey” teach us about buying and selling a home? It turns out to be a whole lot. If you’re not part of the show’s target demographic – or a parent of a young child – you’re probably wondering, “What’s a Bluey?” right about now. If so, here’s an overview.  

The Australian show’s latest episode, “The Sign,” was all about Bluey and her family preparing to sell their beloved home. After viewing, here are three real-estate-related lessons that all of us should take from one of the most popular kids’ shows on television.

People will need to continue to move. Bluey’s dad is relocating the family to a new city for a better-paying job, but the entire family is struggling with what this means for the future. Sidenote: he’s an archaeologist because of a love of bones. Why do we say all of this? Because no matter how “hot” or “cool” the market is, people will need to move in and out of our communities due to job changes, family situations or other reasons, and each one of them deserves the best real estate professionals working on their transactions.

Saying goodbye to a home can be hard. This is a topic we wrote about in detail last year, but it’s worth repeating. While our teams believe buying or selling your next home should be a joyful occasion, bidding farewell to an old place – and the memories it holds – can be hard for parents and children alike. After the “Sold” sticker appears, Bluey’s dad even asks his wife, “Am I making a mistake?” And she responds with, “Probably, but let’s make it together.” Here are some more tips on letting go while remembering all the good times you had.

No one outside of real estate seems to understand the closing and escrow process. We don’t pretend to be Australian closing experts, but the journey to finalizing a home sale Down Under seems similar to how it is here. However, you wouldn’t have guessed it from the show. Without giving away spoilers – Bluey’s home sale falls through because the prospective buyers see a property from afar that fits their needs better on the same day the Blue Heeler family is packing up to leave. We wanted to scream, “That’s not how any of this works,” through our tears. Long story short, the closing process takes time to protect both the buyers and sellers and backing out – which can indeed happen – isn’t as easy as that show made it seem.

Whether this was your introduction to Bluey and her wonderful home or simply a fun read centered on a character and a profession you know and love, we thank you for reading. As always, our teams appreciate the opportunity to be your loyal title and closing companion! Reach out to us anytime.

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