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4 ways we can all be better leaders this season

Our teams work with some of the best real estate professionals in our markets, and we appreciate our relationship with you. As the calendar creeps into August, it got us thinking about two things – going back to school and football.  That’s why this blog covers learning how to become a better leader – no […]

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3 ways to say sayonara to your old home 

Our teams are about next chapters, new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s why we love real estate. A new house is a blank slate ready for you to make it yours. While we still believe Closings Days should be celebratory, at least under most circumstances, this recent article from did cause us to pause a bit […]

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4 Taylor Swift songs that are too perfect for real estate

Whether you’re a dedicated Swiftie or not, this is undoubtedly the season of all things Taylor Swift. Our teams wanted to join the fun before her cross-country Eras Tour trek ends, so we compiled a list of four T-Swift songs with everything to do with the real estate world right now.   You Need to Calm […]

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3 reasons why real estate remains a great investment

It’s time to share some good news when it comes to how Americans view real estate. Despite some of the widely publicized obstacles, property ownership is still considered the best long-term investment for many.   That’s according to a recent Gallup poll. In it, 34% of Americans ranked real estate as the top choice for long-term investment in […]

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4 reasons home equity matters right now

With property values soaring in recent years, leveraging home equity has become a topic of increasing interest. Regardless of if you’re a potential seller or not, building equity has benefits for all homeowners. Understanding home equity, particularly in today’s rapidly shifting and fluctuating market, can offer several key financial benefits to homeowners and sellers alike. […]

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3 things to know about this thing called Threads

Let’s talk about Threads. If that’s not ringing a bell, let’s explain. Threads is the new social media app backed by the parent company of Facebook and Instagram that’s billed as the new alternative to Twitter. This isn’t a piece saying that you need to be on Threads. As we’ve mentioned before, there are plenty of social […]

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What’s good about interest rates? These 3 things.

If you’re a real estate professional or a buyer/seller, you know plenty of conversation has centered around interest rates, especially during the past year. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. But when the Federal Reserve chose not to raise its rate in June, it was good news all around. While more hikes are likely on […]

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Remember these 4 things when it comes to physical safety in real estate

We often use this space to talk about digital security, but we also care about everyone’s physical safety too! That’s why this piece focuses on precautions our REALTOR® friends, and others, can take when showing homes or meeting someone new.  Yes, each September is REALTOR® Safety Month, but with open house season in full swing, […]

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4 reasons to consider a new construction home – especially right now.

If you’re a buyer still searching for your next home, don’t forget to look at new construction properties. One could be everything you’re looking for. We’ve written about new construction before, but it’s important to repeat the message, especially since there are now more new build options available on the market than ever in recent […]

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Owning a home and 3 others for “Living the Good Life”

As those of us in real estate continue to celebrate the joys of homeownership, we wanted to point to a survey that once again highlights that owning a home remains a large part of the American Dream and “Living the Good Life.” According to our friends at Fannie Mae, 87% of respondents in late 2022 […]

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