4 ways to show love to the person who deserves it the most – YOU!

Last month was all about love. We discussed how to love your clients, colleagues and communities and then find ways to show them appreciation. We’re betting that none of that attention was focused inward, though.

Don’t get us wrong. All of the Futura Title family values our customers and partners every day, and that is precisely why we want to share the message that it’s OK to give yourself grace when you need it, especially as we shift into the traditional homebuying season. Here are four tips on the subject that we found helpful.

Continue to devote time to you. Even when the going gets tough, make sure you’re not neglecting yourself. No matter how busy or stressed you get, be sure to stick to your normal exercise and sleep routines. Doing so will keep you at your best. You’re going to need energy to tackle those to-do lists, after all. If you need a break to recharge, take it!

Set yourself up for success. Setting goals of any kind is always a great exercise, and it will ensure that you and your team are on the same page for any business-related missions you put forward. However, you want to make sure any goal – individual or group – is realistic and attainable. Plus, it’s important to know the steps and tools you’ll need along the way. Here’s a bonus tip we found while researching New Year’s resolutions (Remember those?) that are applicable to goal setting all year long. Instead of “resolutions” think of your goals as intentions. That’s an example of how shifting your mindset ever so slightly can make such a difference in the long run.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Being healthy and mentally tough means showing compassion to the person who gets it the least – your own self. Instead of saying you failed, view disappointment as a learning experience and focus on the positive more than the negative of any situation. More on that with the next tip.

Applaud your perseverance and the small victories along the way. Don’t get discouraged when it comes to setbacks, and make sure you celebrate the small steps along the way, whether for you or those around you. After all,reaching your goals shouldn’t be easy, but it should be attainable.

Our teams are always here for our friends, partners and customers. Whether you have a commercial or residential file that needs title or escrow work, or you just need a friendly face to talk to, reach out to us. We’re always glad to help!

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