Let’s talk chatbots – and the 3 reasons you might need one

As technology advances, it continues to find unique ways to improve many industries, real estate included. We don’t have to tell you how fast innovation moves; we’re all living it. However, we wanted to spotlight one application in particular with this blog. Yes, we’re talking about chatbots. 

These AI-powered tools are becoming increasingly common for businesses and brands of all kinds. However, you may still be asking, what is a chatbot, and how can it help your real estate business grow? We’re here to provide some answers. 

First, what is a chatbot? Good question 

Chatbots are chat interfaces programmed to respond to customer communications. For example, on some websites, a small button may appear in one of the corners with a message inviting you to click it for help. Doing so opens up a text box with a message log that will allow you to type in a question. Then, a bot will respond to try and help you answer questions or resolve issues. Some companies have even come up with clever names for their new helpers. Here are three reasons now may be the time to explore this new frontier.

A chatbot, like your website, is always there.

A website is accessible at all hours of the day, no matter where you are, but employees don’t work that way. People need time to sleep, eat, relax or perform important tasks such as following up on leads and meeting the needs of customers. This means that if a client has a question about the website and your employees aren’t able to respond promptly, you may lose business. A chatbot fixes this problem by being available as a touch point, and problem solver, whenever needed. 

It can do several jobs and tasks.

Chatbots can do more than just answer simple questions. For example, a chatbot could work with the client to schedule a time to view a property or guide them on a virtual tour. Some can even check if a client is eligible for a mortgage, analyze market trends, and manage properties.

There’s a record of its communication with visitors.

No matter how advanced your bot is, there will be times when a customer’s issues or questions go beyond its capabilities. These are the scenarios when a team member must step in. However, that person will not be starting from scratch because your bot likely stores its chat interactions. All it takes is a few minutes to review, and the human taking over as the problem solver will be up to speed. 

The bottom line is that a chatbot could be the missing piece to your team’s efficiency puzzle or dedication to customer service. Despite what you may see in the movies, this technology isn’t looking to replace humans, but it certainly can enhance everyone’s experience when working together for our customers and shared transactions. After all, isn’t that the common goal for everyone around the closing table?

Do you have a chatbot, or have you seen one that does a particularly good job? Let us know! Finally, contact one of our branches today whenever you need a title and settlement partner dedicated to using its combination of people and technology for the greater good. 

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