Owning a home and 3 others for “Living the Good Life”

As those of us in real estate continue to celebrate the joys of homeownership, we wanted to point to a survey that once again highlights that owning a home remains a large part of the American Dream and “Living the Good Life.”

According to our friends at Fannie Mae, 87% of respondents in late 2022 identified “Owning a Home” as part of a good life, the same percentage two years ago when the survey was first administered in 2020.  

But that wasn’t the only housing-related positive people identified as part of being happy and content. Consider this:

“Living in a location I like” came in at No. 3 on the list at 96% (a two-point increase from 2020.) Luckily for our customers and partners, we live and work in some of the most beautiful and vibrant communities in the West.

“Being financially secure” was the second-most popular answer during the last survey at 98%. While there are other ways to build wealth, real estate remains one of the most popular – and safe – avenues. Plus, as soon as you move into your home and start making mortgage payments, equity starts to build.

“Having good friends” also ranked just above owning a home at 91%. Though any of us can have friends near or far, it’s certainly true that having a good neighbor can make all the difference when it comes to happiness.

Other factors cited in the survey made perfect sense – even if they weren’t housing related. Good health, work-life balance, being in a happy marriage or partnership, and having children also ranked high on the list – and our teams certainly wish our partners and customers all that, too!

The path to owning a home – whether it’s your first or not – can get complicated, but it’s certainly a journey worth taking. Plenty of real estate professionals are cheering you on and can help guide you to the finish line, including the team of dedicated title and closing professionals in your nearest branch. Reach out to our team today!

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