3 ways to say sayonara to your old home 

Our teams are about next chapters, new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s why we love real estate. A new house is a blank slate ready for you to make it yours.

While we still believe Closings Days should be celebratory, at least under most circumstances, this recent article from Realtor.com did cause us to pause a bit and ponder. Why? Because it’s all about saying goodbye to your current home.

Homebuying – and selling – can be an emotional process for all involved, and whenever our teams can make an aspect of it easier in any way, we’ll do it.

Do that ONE thing you never got to do before you leave. No matter how excited you are about moving into your next home, there’s likely one thing you always thought would be a good idea in your old space. For whatever reason, it never happened. Don’t leave any regrets on the proverbial table. Plan that event or farewell party, and let your home give you a proper send-off.

Get a painting of your old house to hang in the new. Sure, you can take photos and videos of your old home with you, but there’s a way to take that to a higher level. Commission a painting of the old place, so there’s always an artistic rendering of the memories made. You don’t even need to know or find a local artist – though that could add to the story – thanks to Etsy. Just listen to one Oregon woman about why she chose this avenue after moving out of the first home she owned with her husband after four years.

“It was also where we brought home our two sons. We couldn’t just walk away without doing something special,” she said. “It was the first thing we put up in our new house. As my boys get older and ask about all the places they’ve lived, I’ll be able to point to the painting.”

Remember the good times – room by room. This suggestion is not for those who follow the “rip off the Band-Aid” approach to life. But the article spotlighted a professional grief counselor – and frequent home mover – for this one, so it certainly has some merit, and it’s especially good for families.

Explore each room a final time and as a group and talk about the milestones and memories that happened in each space. It’s not always the crowning achievements that get recalled either, which makes the experience even more genuine. For some, it’s even helpful to say one final “Goodbye Room.”

Other suggested tips: take seeds from favorite plants and trees, or write a note to your new buyers about everything you enjoyed about the old place. When closing out an old chapter and starting a new one, you want the right people leading you. Thank you for allowing us to be your title and closing provider. We’re ready to help you achieve great things.

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